The Designer

Alpana Gujral
Educated at the Delhi School of Art,Alpana Gujral creates a limited edition of unique treasures, designed for modern day royalty. Each extravagant, hand-made piece requires between four to six months to create and does not follow any commercial pattern. From earrings and rings, to necklaces and cuffs, each piece is artistically designed using precious and colored stones to make the wearer feel even more extraordinary and to enhance the sensuality of a woman. Alpana has over the years worked closely with master craftsmen to develop her signature style of jewelry – a marriage of traditional styles with contemporary forms. Whether you are looking to accessorize formal evening attire or chic-up a casual outfit – Alpana Gujral’s collection is a “functional beauty” and treasure to own.

“Creativity knows no bounds. It is fluid. It is seamless”

Alpana’s designs breathe beauty and art. “When people don’t set limits on themselves – that is when they create art,”says Gujral. And she would know best, being the daughter of one of the pioneers of Indian contemporary art, Satish Gujral. She grew up surrounded by attractive objects and constantly strives to reach artistic perfection in each individual design that she invents treating each piece as a canvas. While pushing the boundaries of creativity, she unleashes her imagination to bring her jewelry to life and gives it a soul by adding, “design is more than a pretty picture; it has to have a heartbeat.”

“Jewelry should shun clichés and match a woman’s sensuality”

The passion, perfection and emotion of this brilliant designer are revealed in each innovative concept that she creates and develops. Her work is frequently described by most as an alliance of contemporary and classic styles, a mixture of Asian splendor and baroque exuberance, an innovation in the art of fashioning gold.

“After all, not all art is found in a museum.”